Services for Members

Services are designed to help members obtain access to reliable information, expand their network and access new business opportunities.  The list of services is as follows:

Advocacy and Assistance with Business issues: AmCham Algeria along with the U.S. Embassy and the Foreign Commercial Service of the U.S. Embassy advocate for business environment issues and work closely with the Algerian and the U.S. Governments to improve the business climate for U.S. companies established in Algeria and for AmCham members in general.  We invite you to share your business concerns with us and join the AmCham Advocacy Committee for action.

AmCham Annual Directory: All members and their companies are featured in this complete cross-referenced directory, published every year and referred to by thousands of Algerians and international users.

AmCham E-News: AmCham E-News is sent to 6000 e-mails monthly both in Algeria and in the USA.

Business Briefings and Testimonials: If you are unfamiliar with Algeria or are looking for more information on the country, AmCham can help get you up to speed.  AmCham Algeria works closely with its partners to ensure that our economic information is up to date.

Business Priority User for U.S. Visas: The U.S. Consulate reserves ten slots 1st & 3rd Friday of the month to AmCham members traveling on Business to the USA.

Business Opportunities and Matchmaking: Members receive and submit business opportunities, such as offers to buy or sell products locally, requests for trade partners or investors, and notifications of import/export opportunities.

Business Referrals: AmCham provides members with referrals necessary for international tenders and procurement.

Committees: Much of the AmCham’s annual workload is accomplished through three standing committees: U.S.-Algeria Business Issues Committee, Trade and Investment Committee and Outreach Committee. These committees provide a forum for AmCham members to raise issues about the business climate and draft position papers to solicit government action on issues such as IPR, taxes, custom duties, education, security, corruption, and other. AmCham members are invited to join one or more committees of their choice.

U.S.-Algeria business issues committee

Advocacy for all aspects of the business environment.

Awareness and education about business

Trade and investment committee

Promotion of the FTA and obstacles to trade and investment between Algeria and the USA.

Strategic dialogue.

Outreach committee

Assistance with events organization.

Corporate Citizenship Award: This award recognizes AmCham member companies of all sizes for their appreciation of the values of good corporate citizenship, as well as to inspire all members to reach the level of excellence within their communities. The winning company are promoted for free through a company profile published in the AmCham newsletter and annual directory.

CV Bank: The database has over 100 CVs of bilingual candidates interested in working and or interning in an Anglophone environment. We invite you to register for this service on our website.

Discounts in Hotels, Restaurants, and other Businesses: As a valued member of AmCham, you will also receive special discounts on products and services offered by member companies using your membership card especially hotels and restaurants. The list can be downloaded from the AmCham website. You can also benefit from discounts offered by AmCham MENA composed of AmCham Algeria, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon. These discounts are available at

Events: AmCham hosts series of professional events including workshops, debates, and roundtables throughout the year. These events represent an excellent networking opportunity, and allow members and guests to listen to the views of prominent political and business speakers from the government, international agencies, and the private sector. Additionally, AmCham organizes fundraising events such as the annual gala ball and the Golf challenge.

All AmCham events are free for members except for the gala ball.

Export Incubator: offers training and B-to-B meetings with U.S. buyers for AmCham members interested in exporting to the USA.

Hall of Fame Award: rewards Algerian and American personalities who make significant contributions to promoting and developing U.S.-Algeria relations.

Information on U.S.-Algeria Trade and Investment:  AmCham members receive feeds on U.S. – Algeria Trade and Investment as well as latest news on market regulation from U.S. FDA, USDA, EPA and other agencies.

Mass e-mails Campaigns: Members can use the AmCham 6000 e-mail database for their marketing and sales campaigns.

Promotional Opportunities: AmCham members corporate logos can be displayed on the AmCham website homepage at an attractive price. Advertising opportunities are also available on the reverse of the membership card and the annual Directory.

Partnerships: AmCham has established strong networks worldwide and strategic partnerships with key institutions in Algeria and the U.S. AmCham members can take advantage of these partnerships by accessing information on these institutions, attending joint events, receiving joint publications, and of course, expanding their network. The list of AmCham partners is as follows:


U.S. Embassy

U.S. Consulate

U.S. Foreign Commercial Service (FCS)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C.

Preferential tariffs: AmCham has a number of partnerships with Hotels across Algeria which allow AmCham members to benefit from preferential tariffs and discounts on international travel and hotel stays.

Publications, Reports and Websites: AmCham members receive frequent E-News, an annual directory, an annual report on Algeria published in collaboration with Oxford Business Group. In addition, the AmCham and the Export Lab websites offer variety of information on doing business, both in Algeria and the U.S. and top news in the field of trade and investment.

The Export Lab website:

U.S.-Algeria Trade and Investment Award: AmCham members are invited to apply each year for the U.S.-Algeria Trade and Investment Award. This award recognizes American and Algerian businesses – large, medium or small – that have succeeded in bilateral trade and/or investment through well-designed and innovative strategies while demonstrating good corporate citizenship. This award is aimed at increasing member’s visibility and encouraging best practices and corporate citizenship values in Algeria.

For more information on AmCham services, please send us an E-mail at: